Since spring is right around the corner, it is the ideal time for you to travel and have some fun. Be it beaches, mountains, hills or valleys, become a true wanderer this season. Here’s a list of some cool spring destinations.


Average temperatures during spring vary depending on the region, but from a purely weather standpoint, this is one of the best times of the year to visit China. Add on the fact that there are fewer crowds and stellar deals to be found during spring, and a visit to the Far East sounds even better. Business and leisure travel picks up in April, so consumers should try to visit in March for better deals.


Travellers wanting a more exotic trip should head south to Ecuador. Many regions in this South American country boast of savings during this time of the year. Travellers can visit the famous Galapagos Islands, relax on pristine beaches, or explore the wonders of the Amazonian rain forest. Consumers can beat the peak season rates that start in May by visiting a month early.

Puerto Rico

It is one of the easiest island paradises to get to from the US. In one small chunk of land, travellers can experience an active city life, pristine beaches, rainforests, art, history, and nightlife galore.


The best time to visit Barcelona is spring, when the beautiful weather enhances the experience of seeing the historic buildings, cobblestone roads, seaside vistas and cultural center points in the city. The current economic situation in Spain is helping to drive prices down, so the country is offering some amazing deals.


Anyone who is looking for a coastal European experience should consider Argentina as an option because it has an incredibly rich history and many ties to Spain. From its stunning scenery, vibrant cities, and exciting culture to world renowned wineries, it’s a destination that always pleases. Prices to Argentina tend to soar around the holidays, so travellers should plan a trip to Argentina in May or June to miss the crowds.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is ideal for some springtime fun in the sun. Travellers generally can’t go wrong with the many islands that are in this amazing region, but the Bahamas is a sure bet where turquoise waters and white sand beaches await. With its many all inclusive resorts competing for tourism appeal, the Bahamas is an ideal destination the whole year.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Even though spring time tends to be the peak season for the Riviera Maya, travellers should still think of it as a value destination. Known for its luxe all-inclusive resorts, this tropical paradise is a place where it’s easy to get your meals, drinks, entertainment and activities, all included in one price. This Mexican destination is home to several miles of serene beaches with crystal clear waters. To avoid the spring break crowds, consumers should travel to the area in mid-April and May for great deals without sacrificing the beautiful weather during this season.


Italy’s sweet spot is April and May, which makes it a must consider destination during the spring season. Italy’s weather is best during these months, and since it’s just before the summer peak season, travellers can find great values on airfare and hotels.


With the Olympics around the corner, April and May are ideal to visit England, especially London, right before the crowds and prices increase. With the abundance of new hotel rooms opening in England’s top destination, deals should be easy to find right before and after the games. The weather is also best during spring, which is particularly good if you’re looking to visit England’s world-famous countryside. Although rainfall happens all year long in this area of the world, it tends to drop during this season, giving tourists a fantastic opportunity to view England in all its glory.


France is another country that has something for every kind of traveller, blending rich history with delicious food and breathtaking scenery. Following the same trends as Italy and England, deals to France tend to be pretty good during spring because it’s just before the peak season. When visiting the capital city of Paris during this time of the year, travellers will not only be mesmerised by walks along the Seine River, or by taking in views of the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower, but they will also get to enjoy the city with plenty of sun and perfect temperatures. But visitors shouldn’t stop there, as the picturesque Loire Valley or the ritzy South of France are just a quick train ride away. These two French regions are truly stunning during the months of April and May.

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